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Chapter 3: Attack on the Far Side of Titan
The asteroid belt is a debris field, and if you, the reader, don’t know what that means allow me, the narrator, to explain, for the asteroid belt is really an endless loop, or circle, filled with rocks of all shapes and sizes, floating about within their own orbit, or the endless loop which these rocks inhabit, smashing into one another, making space travel hazardous and inhabiting any one of them dangerous. But if that doesn’t bother you, then prepare for amalgamation!
A colony, populated by only a few people had established itself on one of the giant rocks, the massive asteroid Sirius floating about within the asteroid belt as they went about collecting the rocks within the asteroid belt to bring the rocks together and begin forming another planet.
One of the ways they were doing this was by using a Fyrune to grab some of the largest rocks and have the Fyrune haul the rocks it had been able to grab and bring them toward the pile that was forming itself into another celest
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Chapter 2: The Mobile Colonies of Mercury Venus
Chapter 2: The Mobile Colonies of Mercury and Venus:
Mercury is the first planet in the system. It has next to no atmosphere, its rotation in sync with its cycle, one side always facing the sun and is constantly being baked by the sun’s extreme heat, the other side always facing space and is constantly in shadow making it a frozen wasteland. Life could not survive on this barren rock, and yet, at Mercury’s north pole a mobile colony has been established, four giant cars that serve as big houses linked together on an electric track powered by the sun’s rays. Believe me, the narrator, this mobile colony gets enough power to last a day. At least, one Earth day. Tall, glass windows were positioned on the outside of the rotating colony, providing its residents with only one vantage point of Mercury at a time.
As the colony was entering the shadow side of Mercury, which could be considered night, it got an unwelcome guest. A giant, metallic wyvern landed on the colony
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The Far Side of Titan: Chapter 1: The Metal Wyrm:
Olympus Mons is the tallest mountain in the system, steadily rising higher and higher.
Located across the bay from the mountain was a small building that currently served as the Headquarters of the currently small organization known to its members, its employees, as the Fyrune Cooperative. For short, those who piloted Fyrunes called this small organization the Co-Op.
It was night time in the bay area on Mars. Ixion, a young man who piloted one of the metal behemoths, had taken a hover boat across the bay which had parked on the sandy shore not far from Co-Op HQ.
“You guys need to build a dock,” the pilot of the hoverboat said.
“I’ll alert the media,” Ixion replied. As he stepped off the hover boat and onto the shore the pilot snapped at him from behind the wheel.
“Where’s my money?”
“I’ll pay you soon as I can,” said Ixion.
“That wasn’t the deal,” the pilot scold him. Ixion turned around to address the
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